We are an Indigenous Majority Ownership Joint Venture Company

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Derantech Joint Venture Group is a partnership that combines the skills and capabilities of Derantech Welding Ltd. and Gemini Machine Works Inc. The purpose of this group is to establish and operate a Majority Indigenous Owned Company that specializes in a broad range of products and services. The group also aims to develop an indigenous skilled labour force in the welding, machining, millwrighting, fabrication, and mechanical fields.

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Specializing in On-site Welding & Mechanical Services for Plant Maintenance, Shut-downs, Turn-arounds, and Construction.

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Specializing in CNC Machining, Large O.D. Turning & Milling, General Machining, Milling, Boring, Build-ups, Fabrication, and Maintenance & Repair of Equipment and Parts in the within the Oil and Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Waste Treatment, Water Treatment, Waste Management, Down-hole Drilling, HDD, Transportation, Hauling, Petrochemical, Plastics, and Food Industries.


Derantech Joint Venture Group shall focus on markets and products that meet the current capabilities and resources of the JV Partners. Only clients supporting Social Programs for Indigenous Development shall be considered. Initial Targets shall be Oilsands companies located in the Wood Buffalo region and its general contractors, with other companies & resource based industries in different geographical locations to be considered in the future.

  • Site Welding: Mechanical – CS & SS & CCO Piping, Pumps, Valves, Vessels, Gear Boxes, Expansion Barrels, CS & SS & CCO Pipe Spool Repairs
  • Site Welding: Equipment – Under Carriage Parts, Crushers, Sizers, Centrifuges, Wear Plate, Truck & Shovel Parts
  • Site Welding: Structural & Miscellaneous Steels – Walkways, Ladders, Platforms, Guard Rails, Man-ways, Skids, Guides, Supports, Shoes, Dummy Supports, Machine Bases, Base Plates, Floats, Structures, Modules
  • Site Welding: Custom Steel – Hoppers, Platforms, Tanks, Bins, Chutes, Skirts, Screens, Grizzlies, Barges & Bases, Flotation Cells, Conveyor Parts
  • Site: Line Boring – Equipment, Mechanical, Crushing, Pumps, Trucks, Shovels, Gear Boxes, Piping
  • Shop Fabrication: Miscellaneous Steel – Walkways, Ladders, Platforms, Guard Rails, Man-ways, Skids, Guides, Supports, Shoes, Dummy Supports, Machine Bases, Base Plates
  • Shop Fabrication: Custom Steel – Hoppers, Platforms, Bins, Chutes, Skids, Skirts, Screens, Grizzlies, Crusher Parts, Sizer Parts, Blocks, Beckets & Hooks, Spreaders, Augers, Barges, Barge Bases, Flotation Cells
  • Shop Fabrication: Mechanical – CS Piping, SS Piping, CCO Piping, Pumps, Pump Boxes, Pump Box Liners, Valves, Vessels, Crusher Parts, Gear Boxes & Parts, Sprockets, Centrifuges, Expansion Barrels, Custom Pipe Spools
  • Shop Machining & Milling & Boring: Custom – CS Forgings, Alloy Castings, Custom Flanges, Pump Flanges, B16.47 Flanges, Pins, Shafts, Key-ways, Slotting, Gear Boxes, Pump Boxes, Gears, Sprockets, Bushings, Bores, Idlers, Drive Rolls, Truck Parts, Shovel Parts, Crusher Parts, Sizer Parts, Expansion Barrels, CS & CCO Pipe End Wear Fittings, Flange Reclamation
  • Shop CNC Machining – Common Parts for Conveyors, Crushers, Sizers, Samplers, Valves, Gates, Flanges


The Derantech Joint Venture Group aims to achieve the following:

  • Establish an Indigenous training and learning facility in Fort McMurray, Alberta. This will need to be a joint venture with educational & learning institutions.
  • Establish Derantech Joint Venture Company as a leading resource of skilled Indigenous workers for it’s own operations, and for it’s clients’ operations.
  • Achieve federal and provincial government support and funding for the training and education of Indigenous Skilled Worker Candidates. This through accredited learning resources and on-the-job training programs built from within the JV company.
  • Truly impact and improve the lives of Indigenous workers by providing training, learning, education, resources, work, and career opportunities that prove a benefit to their lives, families, and future.
  • Build Derantech Joint Venture Group into a very large company that reaches far past it’s initial boundaries of operation, and provides a model program for all provinces and major corporations wishing to advance Indigenous participation in all aspects of business and communities within our country.
  • Achieve performance and growth pinnacles that place Derantech Joint Venture Group as a reliable and model resource for goods and services Canada-wide. This with possibly “hundreds” of companies joining the joint venture group; to the benefit of Indigenous worker opportunities Canada-wide and possibly World-wide.


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